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Tip Tuesday – Donation Station

A recent warm day suggested that Spring will be here soon, and cued some readers to clear out. One told me she signed on to do the “Give Up 40 Bags in 40 Days” challenge! It is never too late to start if you have a lot of clutter to clear. And as I pointed out to her, deciding to lose ONE thing a day will add up in no time!

For spontaneous clear-outs, I recommend that every home has a dedicated “Donation Station.” In our house it is a simple sturdy shopping bag that sits open in each closet. Whenever I come across shoes that pinch, a garment that doesn’t fit, an item too dated or never worn, I toss it in. When the bag is full it goes out for convenient Green Drop pick up.  

But Donation Stations aren’t just for clothes. I have a large Amazon box in the basement that serves the same purpose. As I pull out seasonal decor, holiday items, sports gear, or linens I try to find the things I never display or use. Now those things go into that Amazon box and when it’s full I send it off for free, using the GiveBackBox service. I replace it with an empty box and the cycle continues.  I find that it’s easier to edit my home in a gradual and continual way rather than in a “one big effort” way—and Donation Stations make the process effortless!  Try it for yourself and let me know which method works best for you.