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Tip Tuesday – Digital Must-Dos

digital must do's

How ARE you? If you are reading this, I do hope that you are healthy and managing as best as you can in these unprecedented times. As we adjust, I realize I am now spending HOURS every day at my computer. I have decided that NOW is a great time to take care of some digital housekeeping. 

Will you join me in the New York Times’ “Secure your Digital Life in Seven (Easy) Days” Challenge? If you don’t subscribe to the NYT you can still create a free account to access these articles. And if seven days is too ambitious, perhaps try to do these tasks over the next seven weeks? They even give you a CHECK BOX to mark each task complete, which you know I LOVE! And they don’t have to be done in order. (Trigger warning: These steps include words like “vaccinate” and “lockdown.” This article was originally published in 2016 and updated last autumn, before the COVID-19 pandemic.)

I have already done the task for DAY ONE: Set Up a Password Manager. I use Last Pass and I can assure you even for a “digital dinosaur” like me, it WAS easy to set up! 

DAY TWO: Check Your Smartphone’s Privacy Settings.

DAY THREE: Protect Your Browsing.

DAY FOUR: Protect Your Laptop. Right now, this one is not so essential as you are probably not taking your laptop out of your home anytime soon.

DAY FIVE: Vaccinate Your Computer. I think this one is essential when we are all so VERY dependent on our computers during this stay-at-home time.

DAY SIX: Get All the Updates. This is almost automatic if you have the right settings. 

Finally, DAY SEVEN: Lock Down Your Most Important Accounts. This means setting up two-factor authentication and such. After hearing of colleagues who have had their websites and Instagram accounts hacked, this task is also high on my personal list.

 Let me know if you try any or all of these digital challenges! I hope these suggestions help you with your pandemic planning. Stay safe and healthy.