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Tip Tuesday – Decant for Daily Use

Do you take prescription medications or supplements? Does your counter or bathroom cabinet look something like this, with a mess of different bottles and lids?

If so, I encourage you to DECANT all those pills to make it easier to take them daily. Use simple pill holders like this one to store them. I like ones with larger compartments, which make it effortless to fit the pills in. The Container Store one works well for people with limited hand function as it has a “push-to-open” function.

Purchase many weekly organizers so that when you do your pill refill, you can decant three to six weeks at a time. It is much more efficient to do it that way than to do this task every week.

For the counter laden with bottles we created a custom box so our client could have a month’s worth of vitamins attractively organized and easy to transport for travel. The inventory bottles were easily stored in a bin nearby, OFF the kitchen counter!

How do YOU organize your medications and supplements? Let us know if you have a great solution!