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Tip Tuesday – Cut the Cord

cut the cord organize wires

It’s absolutely frightening how many obsolete cords and cables I find squirreled away in clients’ homes! Often they are in a huge tangle, mixed with connectors that have not been looked at for decades. This week, declare cord amnesty and free yourself of them! 

Does this sound familiar? You have chargers for flip phones from the last century, 9-volt adapters for toys your kids have long grown out of, Ethernet cables from the dial-up Internet area, Palm Pilot chargers, and iterations of Apple cables that don’t fit any pod or pad currently in use. Take them all and recycle them, now!

Best Buy will recycle your old electronics for free! There are bins for cable and cord recycling in most Best Buy lobbies. Many communities also have curbside electronics recycling pick-up as well. In Arlington, you can recycle electronics at each trash pick-up; all you have to do is put them in a separate box labeled “E-WASTE” at the curb.

If you found that you had recycled a cord that you DO need, you can easily replace it overnight from an online retailer in just a few clicks. So, I give you permission, cut the cords!