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Tip Tuesday – Cut Down on Junk Mail

Recently a reader asked “What can I do about the endless amount of junk mail?!”  

The best solution is to register with the Direct Marketing Association at  There is a $2 fee but once you pay and log in you can easily and dramatically reduce the volume of: catalogs, magazine offers, other mail offers (such as charities and nonprofits), and credit card offers  – which will redirect you to

At OptOutPrescreen you will need to give them personal information, including your Social Security number, but don’t worry—it’s a 100% legitimate service, recommended by the Federal Trade Commission. You can opt-out of credit card offers for five years online, or you can mail in a form to opt-out permanently.  And if you change your mind, you can opt back in!

Keep in mind that it often takes 30 to 90 days to see the mountain of mail truly reduce. AND if you place an order with a retailer or give to a charity you will be automatically RE-ADDED to their list. So when you buy or send a check, you should ask to be removed from lists, or you may have to go back in to DMA to request removal.

If you want to cover more bases, you can also “Unsubscribe” at RetailMeNot HERE. That will take you off the list of one of the largest national direct mail printers, too!

Reducing these unwanted mailings will save some trees as well as the effort to shred. My suggestion is to do it now before the onslaught of holiday catalogs and solicitations.  Does junk mail bother you too? Let us know how you’re going to take it on!