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Tip Tuesday – Consistent Containers

If I have any “organizing MUSTS” using consistent containers is high on my list!
Trust me, it is a false economy to use a cheap bin or box that you find at a dollar store. It simply won’t stand up to frequent use, and you won’t be able to find a duplicate easily if you need to replace or expand your system.
Having been in business over 16 years now, a consistent favorite is the classic CLEAR “Our Storage Box” from The Container Store. These are NOT that much more expensive than what you will find at big box stores and are so much more durable. 

Note: TCS boxes with the same measurements are called “Everyday” and are available in some “fashion colors,” but I’m not a huge fan as sooner or later these colors WILL get discontinued.

TCS owns the mold of these containers so this line will always be available AND the measurements won’t change. I love these durable, reliable, lidded, easy-to-label boxes! (Please note I am NOT an affiliate of TCS and receive nothing for this recommendation.)

IF you want something different be sure to purchase EXTRA so you can expand on or replace any containers that may fall apart. Don’t leave yourself wishing “If only we had three more bins to complete the wall in this fab laundry room…”

laundry room image

Do you have any bins or boxes that you love? Let me know as I always want to discover fun, new, functional and good-looking products for my clients and followers.