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Tip Tuesday – Clothing Queries

Ugly old green coat

Is your closet currently in a state of chaos? Are you confused about how to curate your closet? Clearing out your closet becomes easy when you ask this trio of “clothing queries”! When you’re sorting, for each article of clothing you pick up, ask yourself:

1 – Does it FIT? And I want you to answer this honestly! All of your clothing should fit your CURRENT size. If your clothes are comfortable (but not baggy) they fit. Ignore the size number inside, and instead think about how they feel. Do they bind or pinch? If so, they are too small and should be retired (for now). In general, strive to only keep the two sizes you most often go-between in your wardrobe at any given time.

2 – Does it FLATTER? These are the clothes that get you compliments! The silhouette suits your body type, the color harmonizes with your skin, and the hem hits your leg just right. Just because something is “in style” doesn’t necessarily mean that it flatters YOU. Think about what becomes you and what does not.

3 – Does it reflect the IMAGE you want to project? If you want to be thought of as friendly and approachable then it is best not to be too “buttoned up” wearing harsh, dark colors and stiff fabrics. If you want to be promoted then the old adage, “dress like your boss,” still applies. Even Mark Zuckerberg, who always wears a grey tee, wore a suit to testify before Congress.

Hopefully these three questions and the classic query “Have I worn it in the last year?” will help you calm your closet chaos! Let me know if you have any other closet tips.