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Tip Tuesday – Cash in Your Coins Now

cash in your coins for circulation

In nearly every home I organize, I find loose change everywhere. In drawers, purses, pockets, jars, coffee cans…the list goes on. NOW is the time to cash in those heavy bags, bins, and boxes of coins. The US Mint is begging you to do it as the change shortage is negatively affecting businesses. Change shortages especially impact underserved populations that are “unbanked” and rely on cash instead of cards to make purchases.

Why the shortage? During the pandemic, coin production was delayed and many people used credit or debit cards to make online purchases so coins were not circulating nationwide.

What can you do? Put your coins back into circulation! Gather them all up and convert them into usable gift cards or charitable donations.

Make it a fun family outing! Find a local CoinStar machine; nearly all grocery stores have one. Let the kids feed the coins in and guess the total: whoever guesses closest gets a gift card or donation to a charity of their choice! In fact, Coinstar charges no fee if you exchange coins for gift cards or donations to charities.

So go, round up your piggy banks, and cash your coins now! Let me know how much money you were able to find in the comments.