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Tip Tuesday – It’s Called a “Store” for a Reason…

It’s called a store because it’s where you should be storing items that you’re not using. Prevent storage woes in your own home: don’t overbuy.

In this “Amazon Prime” age, items can be delivered to you in mere hours. You can get items almost immediately if a sudden need arises, so there’s no need to keep excess inventory on hand. We like shopping at Costco as much as the next family, but sometimes getting a bargain is not worth the struggle of storing 48 rolls of toilet paper under the bathroom sink.

What’s more, buying extra can be counterproductive if you can’t recall where you’ve put replacements. If you need an extra deodorant, save yourself the frustration of searching for scattered toiletries in your home, only to re-buy anyway. Instead of sweating over that deodorant, just buy it at your local grocery or drug store; you’ll always be able to find it there.

Evaluate the basic home goods you’ve stored in excess—you’d be surprised how many are expired or past their prime. To deal with these goods, I recommend a concept used by the guys at The Minimalists: 20/20. If it takes less than 20 minutes or $20 to replace something, let it go. You’ll find nearly all household sundries and foods fall under the 20/20 rule!