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Tip Tuesday – Book Your Back-To-School Virtual Consult Today!

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Back to School! For my clients, friends, and neighbors with school-age children, this topic is all they can think about. That means NOW is the time to plan for your virtual homeschooling. 

If you want expert advice on how to set your children up for success, go here to book a Private Virtual Consultation with me. During this hour we will “walk” through your home. I will give you a personalized plan on how to set up productive spaces for learning and play.
I will also curate product recommendations for your home and spaces. Supplies are already getting scooped up, so think about what you will need for a successful start to your school year. Today, I want to mention THREE things that I consider essential:

I can not emphasize this enough, be sure that every work surface has adequate light! This inexpensive, adjustable desk lamp has a USB port and a pen holder.  

small trash can can be tucked under any desk or table to keep the work surface clean and tidy.

An analog clock with bold numbers will help your student see how time is passing and keep them on schedule. And there SHOULD be a schedule. Just like they do on in-school days, students will thrive knowing what to expect.

These 3 products only cost $40 altogether and can seriously help young learners keep their space and time organized.

I will be offering these one-on-one consultations starting this weekend throughout the month of August, so book your time today!