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Tip Tuesday – Black Women-Owned Businesses to Support

black women owned businesses to support

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, I have put a hold on posting my regular content for the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have been listening, donating, and aiming to amplify Black voices. This week’s Tip centers on Black Women-owned Businesses in the organizing and lifestyle improvement fields. Below are several talented Black women organizers and bloggers who are dear colleagues and friends:

Andrea Hancock of Dexterous Organizing. Amazing Andrea and her talented team focus on organizing busy professionals during life transitions, residential and virtual organizing, and coaching clients to achieve long-lasting organizational outcomes. 

Deb Lee of D. Allison Lee is an expert digital productivity coach for small business owners. Her brilliance is in making technology and tech tools clear and understandable to real people, and she can work virtually with anyone in the world. 

Angelica Talan is an accomplished Travel and Lifestyle Blogger.  Her refreshing perspective, honest opinions, beautiful smile, and gorgeous kids make her posts ones that I always push to the top of my feed. 

Carol Muleta is a Parenting Consultant and award-winning radio host who offers sage advice to parents for encouraging and enriching the lives of their children. Her radio show “The Parenting 411” always gives listeners fresh ideas around parenting and family issues.

If you are looking for a Black Woman-Owned Organizer nationally, NABPO is a fantastic resource as well.

Please join me in supporting these businesses, and share other Black Women-Owned Businesses for us to support in the comments below.