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Tip Tuesday – Beware Coronavirus Cons

beware coronavirus cons

Here we are in mid-July, and fraudsters are flourishing. Please don’t be taken in by these very clever con artists, who use our concern about the coronavirus as a way into our computers and pockets.

The FBIIRS and the Federal Trade Commission have all issued guidelines to prevent these potential rip-offs:
Medical scams
Beware of anyone who contacts you offering a cure, a diagnostic test, or personal protective equipment. The longer coronavirus is amongst us the likelier it is that you WILL get a call from a legitimate contact tracer. They are seeking health and contact information only and will NOT ask about your personal or financial situation.

Webpage Scams
Stick to websites you can trust for information. If you click into an unsecured website, they can load malware or viruses into your computer and then hold your information for ransom. Instead, use legitimate sites from John Hopkins University or The New York Times for up-to-date virus information.

Telephone Scams
Scammers will call your cell or home to try to trick you out of money or information. Do not let them, just hang up. Register for free at the Do Not Call Registry or try Nomorobo or Hiya to help prevent these calls from bothering you.

Phishing Emails & Texts
If you receive a “fishy” email on your personal account, report it to spam. Never respond to emails from senders you don’t know. Always look next to the sender’s name to see if the email address looks legitimate. If you suspect it’s a legit email, contact the sender yourself directly instead of replying or clicking on any links.

Finally, help prevent these scammers from taking advantage of others by reporting all suspected scams to the FTC. Have any of these scams been tried on you? Share your experience with us!