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Tip Tuesday – Be a Positive Force


YOU can be a positive force! Today, September 11th is the “National Day of Service and Remembrance,” and September 13th is “Positive Thinking Day.”  I realized that these two days are naturally linked–every time I volunteer my time or money, I feel immediately rewarded with positive thoughts.

Everyone can find some way to give back. I have a client who is homebound and even she finds a way to volunteer through Be My Eyes. Through this app, people with blindness or vision problems can connect with her via her smartphone and she can “see” for them, reading instructions or finding things dropped on the floor.

Or, if you’re active, always out and on the go, “plogging” (the Swedish word for picking up trash while jogging), is getting popular in the D.C. area. It’s a simple thing you can do to help the planet while you’re helping yourself get fit.

I encourage you all to think about how you can give back, support others, and enjoy the rewards of “positive thinking” during this time of remembrance and service.