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Tip Tuesday – Apollo Anniversary Advice

I know what you’re thinking: “What does the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing (July 20, 1969) have to do with organizing and lifestyle tips?!” I want to share a personal story that may give you some perspective on the things you’re holding on to.

My beloved mother, Helen, worked her whole life at IBM. She was part of a team that built the computer components used in many space missions. It was the tradition to give everyone a special “crew patch” as a thank you. After she retired, she entrusted me with her thirteen treasured Apollo patches, proud of the work  she did to receive them.

I carefully tucked them away for over 30 years and recently took them out with the intention of selling them on the Apollo Anniversary. I thought they would be “worth something.” A simple online search revealed that you can purchase replicas for $2.97 each. Even though mine are “Lion Brothers” originals, I discovered I can probably only sell them for about $5 each on Etsy and even then, there is the HUGE effort to do it.

So I ask you, what do YOU have tucked away that you THINK has value? You may find that the energy it takes to sell those items doesn’t make up for the small amount of money you might make.

As for me, I have a friend in the aerospace industry with two young boys. They will enjoy the patches much more than I will the grief of selling all 13.

I encourage you too to use this anniversary as an opportunity to LET GO. I know you’ll appreciate the space donated items will free up in your home and mind!