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Tip Tuesday – A Space for Waste


A space for waste…is never a wasted space! I recommend to all of my clients that EVERY room (except for a formal dining or living room) must have some dedicated waste bin! It can be as big as a 50-gallon bin for yard waste, or as small as an empty tissue box in your laundry closet for dryer lint.

First, ask yourself, what am I chucking away, and where? This will help you decide which bin you need. If you compost, then you need a lidded bin with a handle to easily take it outside. If your trash bin is not hidden in a cabinet or under a sink in your kitchen or bathroom then INVEST in it! Get an attractive lidded bin, perhaps with an auto-sensing lid to make tossing even easier! This is an item that you are using multiple times a day—it makes sense to spend a bit extra to get something appealing and functional!

Even walk-in closets can benefit from a small canister for pitching dry-cleaning bags, garment tags, and pocket discards.
Also, think about receptacle PLACEMENT. For example, switching the location of your recycling bin to be right next to where you sort your mail will help ensure that junk gets tossed faster. Or, if you are right-handed, having your office trash under your desk to the right side will help things find their way there.

Remember: just because it’s waste, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t waste a thought on how it gets out of your home. Let us know your trash-removal techniques!