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Tip Tuesday – A Favor Does No Favors

party favors

Why do we still consider bags filled with cheap plastic crap and candy mandatory to give to departing guests at a children’s birthday party? A faithful blog reader has suggested that ALL parents agree to collectively STOP giving out party favors.
Sunday was “National Working Parents Day” and whether you work outside or inside the home, this we know–all parents work hard. None of us needs to make parenting any harder, so, I ask, why do birthday party favors still exist? Professionally, I often see these castoff toys used once then ignored, or never even taken out of the party bag. They’re simply a waste of money and more plastic in the landfill.

Here are my tips for keeping this unique type of clutter to a minimum:

FAVOR GIVERS: If you feel you MUST give your guests something, make it part of the party entertainment. When my daughter turned nine we had a “Backward Birthday.”  Her friends decorated t-shirt transfers (where the words had to be placed backward) and we ironed them onto the t-shirt. That tee was their “take-home” gift and because the girls created them, they actually got worn, not wasted.

FAVOR TAKERS: If someone still insists on giving your child a favor bag, adopt the idea that party favors are only good for 24 hours! Tell your kids that these mini toys must be enjoyed immediately as they “expire” after a day. The same goes for toys from fast-food chains or ANY useless freebie that your kids are given. After a day, feel free to discard it to keep your home kid-clutter free!

If you’re with me in banning party favors, let me know!