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The RITE time for a Half Year Evaluation! 

Wow, can you believe it; the year is nearly halfway over! 

Personally, I think NOW is a great time to revisit your annual goals and see where you are and what more you may want to do.  Are you on target with your yearly plans or do you need to start fresh to achieve them?

I suggest you try the RITE way to reach your goals!  This is a method that you can apply to ANYTHING you want to accomplish!


First, know your reason, then apply resolve and finally reward yourself.  These 3 “R’s” WILL get results!  For example, perhaps the reason behind organizing your pantry is to be able to eat healthier? Once that’s done, resolve that you’ll maintain it, and decide that your reward for that maintenance is to buy yourself a new flavor of herbal tea each week.  The result would be a pleasing pantry AND a healthier body!

I is for IMAGINE:  Before you start, visualize how you’ll feel once your pantry is organized, with all your foods together and easy to use. Use your imagination, what does your pantry look like and what do healthy meals smell like? Perhaps starting a Pinterest or vision board will inspire you?

T is for TIME:  Remember, anything worth doing will take some time. Plan ahead, and actually schedule this time in your calendar.  In our pantry example, the initial organizing is best done all at one time, but make time for a weekly “reset” too, so that you can maintain your progress and treat yourself to that tea!

E is for EFFORT: Know that achieving any goal will require some effort but, I assure you, making the effort will pay off. A lot of lifting, shifting, and tossing is involved in a pantry overhaul, but it will be worth it!

Can you see the potential for applying this approach to evaluating and achieving your goals?  The RITE Way can be applied to ANY positive change you want to make in your life. We are halfway through the year, so why not give it a try NOW?!