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Tip Tuesday – A Dozen Donation Resources for your Spring Fling!

Tip Tuesday - A Dozen Donation Resources for your Spring Fling!

A warm welcome to the many new people who have signed up for my “Tip Tuesday”!  Spring cleaning has taken hold in our household, how about yours?  There is something SO mind-clearing about getting the excess out!  But I often find that the LAST step of getting my good cast-offs TO the donation location is a huge hassle!  

If that describes you, then here are a dozen great resources where the charity comes to YOU and does the hard work of taking your items away!  For most, all you have to do is schedule a pickup, label your bags and boxes, and put them outside your door by 7 a.m. the day of your pickup.  POOF, they are gone and all that is left is a donation receipt! 

So here is my springtime gift to you – a downloadable PDF with twelve USA-based donation resources!

Donation Town – A nationwide service to help you find your local donation pick-up services.

Pick Up My Donation – A possible resource for large items,  like furniture and appliances which can often be difficult to donate.

Furniture Bank Network – Helps you find a local resource to donate your unwanted furniture.

Green Drop – Choose from four different charities for your donations to be credited to.

Pick Up Please – Donations go to help Veterans of all US wars and are often scheduled quickly.

Goodwill – If you have a lot of things or larger things, contact your local store to see if they will pick them up.  Many do but it is based on your location. 

Salvation Army – Put your zip code in to see if your area is serviced.

The Arc – Has chapters nationwide that will come to get donations.

Habitat for Humanity  Accepts furniture as well as appliances, sinks, building materials, hardware, and so much more!

Donate This Recycle That – Has locations in many states that benefit the Am Vets organization.

What if you don’t HAVE a driveway, porch, step, or stoop on which you can leave your castaways? 

Give Back Box -Take any cardboard box, fill it with your offerings, print out a label, and request a pick-up. It is free to you for their choice of charity, $15 for your choice of charity.

For Days – Charges you for a “take back bag” to send in textiles ($6-$20) but gives you credit to purchase clothing from their sustainable collection.

I hope this helps you complete your own “spring fling”!  Let me know which service YOU like to donate to in my FB Group “Organizing Solutions for Busy Women”. Thanks!