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Tip Tuesday – Simplify Your Life Week

Simplify Your Life Week

The first week in August is officially Simplify Your Life week. What will YOU do to “celebrate”? ANY holiday that STARTS with the name of my business is one near and dear to me!

A friend came back from a beach vacation and was able to look at her home with “fresh eyes.” All of a sudden, she was able to easily toss things that had been left out for so long, she no longer “saw them.” Among these were her kids’ school art projects (her kids are in college), craft supplies, souvenirs from forgotten outings, and greeting cards.

My suggestion is that YOU consider Simplify Your Life Week a fresh start for your life and home. To do this you must IMPOSE LIMITS on the things that complicate your life. Here are a few ideas:

TIME: Be realistic about how much you can accomplish in a day! Decide on three tasks each day and feel good when you achieve them. Consider what you can and can’t volunteer for. Pull out your calendar and make a plan. Remember time is the ONE resource that we all have the same amount of; be careful how you “spend” yours.

OBJECTS: William Morris said to only have “what you know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.” Is that chipped mug holding loose change either of those things? Spend the coins and toss the mug. Apply this phrase to everything in your home and it will be easy to edit!

ENERGY: Everyone is extending invites to parties, happy hours, conferences, and dinner parties to make up for the “lost year.” But do you have the energy to attend all of these events? Accept only those on your “must-do” list and decline all others.

BODY: Think about when you are at your BEST: is it morning, day, or night? Use your natural inclinations to do your deep work. Honor your need to sleep. Don’t push yourself endlessly as your health and wellbeing is essential.

FINANCES: We have all been primarily at home and have had few opportunities to overspend; now there are many temptations with events, meals out, vacations, etc. Decide NOW what your limits on these expenditures will be and stick to that budget.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Are you getting the connection or information that you need or want from your time invested online? I’m not involved at all in Clubhouse, TikTok, or Twitter since I am better able to connect with like-minded friends and thought-leaders on Facebook and Instagram. Assess where you want to “be” virtually and stick to it.

What do all these suggestions have in common? Setting limits and sticking to them! Remember, “NO” is a complete sentence! What area above will you focus on for Simplify Your Life Week? Let me know in a reply, in my fun FB Group, or in the comments!