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Tip Tuesday – Shop-Free February

shop free February

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff cluttering your spaces, clothes in your closets, and provisions in your pantry? Do you want to save some money after over-spending in December? Are you ready for a positive change in your attitude AND bank balance?

Challenge yourself to a “Shop-Free February.”  It IS the shortest month, but you may enjoy it enough to continue!

I was inspired by Cait Flanders’ book “The Year of Less”, where she challenged herself to a shopping ban for an entire year (and then did it again)!  I figure if she can do it for 712 days, I can do it for a mere 28!

Are you ready to join me in this challenge? To start, I’ve made a list of everything in my freezer, and I vow to eat up those items before purchasing more. I’m doing the same with my pantry where I have a plethora of pandemic purchased peaches.

I also found a surplus of shelved toiletries in my bathroom. If I won’t use those moisturizers on my face, they are certainly good enough for my legs in the middle of this cold, dry winter.

Remember, your shopping ban doesn’t have to be too strict.  I am planning a happy hour to celebrate 2/22/22 so will purchase items for that event, but I’m not indulging in treats for myself only. Luckily the Girl Scout cookies have already arrived!

If you’re up for a Shop-Free February, plan realistically so you can actually do it!  Maybe your “vice” is buying purses and shoes?  Or make-up and nail polish?  Those are “wants,” and not “needs,” so plan to just say NO to those temptations, just for one month. You know you already have plenty of those things in your home begging to be used!

Finally, anticipate February events that, in the past, have been shopping or spending triggers. My husband and I have agreed to exchange only cards for Valentine’s Day and to enjoy a lovely evening in, instead of exchanging gifts. For me drinking bubbly and reminiscing about our shared lives will be a much better treat to look forward to.

Are you IN? Forward this challenge to anyone else who you think will like the idea of trying a “Shop Free February” too!

Please share your ideas, inspirations, and challenges with me throughout the month. Use #ShopFreeFebruary! I am excited to see how much I can use up and how much extra we save in our bank account and from the landfill! Let me know how it goes and remember, it’s only for 28 days!