speakingI can tailor my remarks for your specific group, customizing information and interactive exercises to a variety of audiences. Presentation titles are below, or I can create a fresh topic for you. “Lunch and Learn” topics can be as short as 15 minutes; presentations can last an hour or longer. Handouts can be provided for all events. Please call me to discuss your group’s needs and to book an event.

Topics include:

The KARMA of Paper Management:

Learn how to manage the five different types of paper that come into your home, quickly and efficiently. Go from frustrating piles to pleasing files and keep it that way!

New Year, New You! Get Organized to Get Fit This Year!:

Find the motivation, find the time, find your workout gear and focus on nutrition to achieve optimized health and fitness this year!”

Organizing Tips for Busy Moms: Tame the Toys, Control the Clothes and Mind the Memories:

We address the three areas that challenge busy parents — and give you realistic tricks and tips to manage and maintain all that kid clutter!

Salvation for Your Space and How to Store All the Stuff:

What is the cost of space, the best use of space? Learn how to create zones, landing and launching pads and more!”

It’s About Time! Time Management for Busy People:

Popular with all groups; ideal for work teams seeking to better prioritize and improving productivity.

Back to School Survival Skills:

Provides easy ideas for managing your desk, papers, backpack and locker, to help form good study habits. This talk is best for middle and high school students and their parents.

Expert Ideas for Every Room in Your Home:

All my best tips and ideas jam packed into one presentation!  Lots of amazing before and after photos to show you how to recreate these ideas in your own home.

Efficient Kitchens & Perfect Pantries:

Learn how zones, turntables and strategic bins can save you time, energy and money when making meals.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful organizing presentations! Our ladies really enjoyed the programs and gave us a lot of positive feedback! I also learned more about myself in that seminar. I am slowly working on creating a ‘simple and serene oasis,’ as you say!”

“In the past three years I’ve been to organizing seminars in California, Massachusetts and Virginia. This was by far the most useful and inspirational! Hopefully I will get motivated and start organizing instead of just going to seminars! You have put me on my way, thank you!”