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Tip Tuesday – Relaxation Consideration

Relaxation Consideration

This recent Sunday was “National Relaxation Day,” which is so appropriate for the middle of a hot summer month like August. Who wants to do ANYthing? But did YOU get a chance to “do nothing” or indulge in an activity that truly relaxes you this past weekend? Or were you trying to catch up, as it seems you do every weekend?

It comes as no surprise that for our health we must recharge and relax. But so many people say they can’t relax with the chaos that surrounds them in their homes. This is why I’m encouraging you to address those piles that plague you! Enlist a friend, a family member, or hire a professional to transform the mess or mayhem that nags at you and prevents your relaxation.

I can’t tell you how many clients exclaim that they feel lighter and are able to truly breathe more deeply after we clear the clutter! Those excess items in disarray weigh on the mind. When those things are finally organized, that weight will feel instantly lifted!

I also encourage you to take and enjoy EVERY day off you are given. Amazingly, American workers forfeited nearly half of their paid time off according to Glassdoor! And it got worse during the pandemic when work from home blurred the lines between employment and recreation time. Take ALL of your vacation time! Renewing and recharging is vital for your mental health, even if travel is impossible and you take a simple “staycation.”

So promise yourself that you WILL address the mess so that you can really enjoy your self-care and leisure. Let me know what you will be doing to relax by commenting in my fun FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women.