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Tip Tuesday – Procrastination Problems? 5 Solutions!

5 solutions to procrastination Problems

We have all been there, shaving the lint off of our sweaters when there is a big project looming! Procrastination is “delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks.” Do you have procrastination problems? Here are 5 solutions to tackle them!

SMALL ACTIONS – Recognize that delaying the start of your project will often cause much MORE anxiety than making just a small effort to get going. For example, “doing your taxes” is a big job that often gets delayed. Set yourself the tiniest task of just gathering together the various tax forms that have come through the mail. Tomorrow, open them. Now you have some momentum and it is not so daunting to keep moving forward. 

REWARDS – We have reviewed this idea before in my Tip “Must Dos go in Twos.” Every time you accomplish a previously procrastinated task, reward yourself RIGHT AWAY! Yardwork finished “earns” you a long hot bath afterward. Or, have the reward happen WHILE you are doing the task! For example, you can only listen to your favorite podcast when you are on the way to must-do errands. 

PUNISHMENTS – Or perhaps rewards don’t motivate you? If so, then try this! For every day you procrastinate that big work project with the looming deadline, pay money to a movement you detest. Apps like StickK and Beeminder automate and monitor such goals. It is the modern-day version of the swear jar!

TIMING – Figure out and use to your advantage your MOST productive time of day. Perhaps it is first thing in the morning before the rest of the house is awake? Don’t mindlessly scroll through your phone; USE that focused quiet time to get a priority task DONE! The sense of accomplishment will be worth it!

ACCOUNTABILITY – When you have someone counting on you to get something done you are much more likely to do it. This could be an exercise partner or a stranger you meet on FocusMate. Having an accountability buddy to answer to often stops the stalling and entices you into action!

Do you procrastinate? Will you try any of these strategies to stop? Let me know in the comments or by replying and joining the conversation in my FB Group!