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Tip Tuesday – Plan Your Prime Day Purchases

Tip Tuesday - Plan Your Prime Day Purchases

Two years ago I suggested that you approach the upcoming “Prime Day” as a time to deeply reflect on what you have now and what you really need. Prime Day 2021 is in just a week and I implore you to think hard about what you may purchase again!

148 billion Americans—nearly half of the population—subscribe to Prime, and I admit I’m among them. Early on in the pandemic, Prime was essential to get many of the things we needed, stay out of stores, and protect others.

We all needed to shop online to survive (e.g. stock up on TP), to cope with changes to the everyday (e.g. purchase masks), to adapt to working from home (e.g. get a new webcam or keyboard), and to seek relief (sometimes we just needed a treat!). For “over-shoppers,” shopping only online as opposed to in stores can prevent unwanted purchases as well.

But THIS week, when you will be inundated with “early deals” and temptations, I encourage you to think ahead and decide NOW if you actually need anything (not WANT but need). June is too early to be holiday shopping, so anything you purchase should just be for you or your family.

Remember, it is NOT a “bargain” if you never use it! So before you click “buy now” next week, look around your home at the clothing never worn, exercise equipment used once, and gifts purchased but never given. Do you really need to add more? 

IF you NEED a new computer, tablet, or air fryer now is probably the time to stalk for a deal. BUT, while you are doing that, please do not let “shiny objects” and dubious deals distract you from what you are truly shopping for.

So your homework for this week is to PLAN your possible Prime Day purchases in advance and promise yourself that you will NOT impulse purchase anything. Let me know what your plan is in my FB Group or reply to this email.