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Prime Day – 5 Points to Ponder

Remember the pre-pandemic days of overflowing shopping carts and impulse buys?  While online shopping became a lifeline during the pandemic, many of us learned to prioritize needs over wants.

With Prime Day –which is actually two days this year – approaching in two short weeks, let’s revisit this mindful approach.

And many other retailers are jumping on the bandwagon with “deals” of their own. Here’s how to suppress the “urge to splurge” and embrace what you already have:

Plan, Don’t Panic:

1.      Needs vs. Wants:

Prime Day shines a spotlight on “deals,” but are they truly deals if you don’t need them? Take a deep breath and identify genuine needs for yourself and your family. Is your laptop on its last legs? Has your vacuum stopped sucking up the dog hair? Focus on practical necessities you’ll use for years to come.

 2.    The “Never Worn, Never Used” Audit:

Before hitting “buy,” take a walk through your home. Do you see unworn clothes collecting dust in the closet? Is that exercise equipment gathering cobwebs in the corner? Are there gadgets tucked away in drawers, never used? Be honest with yourself – do you really need more “stuff”?

 3.    Not the Time for Gift Gathering:

July is still months from the holidays. Resist the urge to stock up on gifts. Prime Day is not a time for pre-holiday shopping frenzy. I can assure you those “deals” will be available closer to the holidays.  

 4.    Environmental Impact:

Every purchase has an environmental footprint. Consider the life cycle of the product you’re eyeing. How far did it travel to get to you? Can it be recycled or repaired at the end of its lifespan? Choose durable, repairable items whenever possible.

 5.    The Cost of Ownership:

A “great deal” can turn into a burden if you don’t consider the long-term costs. Where will you store it, does it need special cleaning? Everything you bring into your home needs to be managed. Factor this in when evaluating a potential purchase.

Prime Day Exceptions: Finding Deals on Essentials

Prime Day can be a great opportunity to snag deals on genuinely necessary items.  However,  planning is key:

·       Make a List, Check it Twice:

Now, 2 weeks before the Prime Day rush begins, create a list of essential items you need to replace or upgrade. This might include a more supportive desk chair, unscratched polarized sunglasses, or a kitchen appliance time-saver like an air fryer.

 ·       Stick to the Plan!:

With your list in hand, resist the allure of “shiny objects” and tempting discounts on items you didn’t even know you “needed.” Focus on your pre-determined essential needs and don’t be distracted.

Let’s make these “Sale Days” about conscious consumption. Be sure to approach Prime Day as a mindful shopping experience focused on your needs, not wants.  Remember, a true bargain is only valuable if you actually use it!