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Tip Tuesday – The $7 Solution to Your Paper Piles!

The $7 Solution to Your Paper Piles Image showing a yellow folder

Yesterday was “National Clean Your Desk Day.” But how to deal with all that paper? One easy way is to purchase this $7 solution, Smead Brights File Jackets. Set them up so that one file is for ALL of your 2020 tax information and the other four are for each quarter of 2021.

The white folder becomes a DEDICATED place to put all of the important TAX documents coming your way: 1099s, W-2s, donation acknowledgments, information on investments, stock dividends and distributions, interest paid, and more. Knowing that these documents are all in ONE place will make tax prep a breeze. Once taxes are done, use the file jacket to store this year’s info in your archive area.

Now take the file jacket that corresponds to this current quarter of the year. This folder should be within arm’s reach on your desk. When you come across papers you want to file, you’re not ready to toss, or you’re not sure what to do with, put them IN HERE! These may be receipts, credit card/banking statements, utility bills, etc. ANY papers that do not need an ACTION go here. (Remember TAX related papers go in your TAX folder!) Once the quarter is over, store and move on to the next folder. I always put new papers to the back so that the file becomes chronological front to back. This way if I need to find something from February, it will be in the middle of that blue file jacket for the winter months.

It really IS that simple! This easy system that will give those loose papers a trusted home and help clear your desk!

Will YOU try the $7 solution? Let me know in my fun FB community or REPLY to this email and I promise I will personally read and reply to you!

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