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Tip Tuesday – Pandemic Projects

pandemic projects

Depending on where you’re reading this from, we all are three or four weeks into our “stay-at-home” situations. I know a lot of you are thinking of and working on “pandemic projects.”

I admire those of you who have made masks, cleared closets, purged papers, and much more! I’m especially impressed because you’ve done all this while working from home, wrangling children, and feeding families with depleted pantries.

Many of you have also confessed that you have pandemic projects planned but you haven’t yet begun them. I have a confession: I am with you! I’m finding it difficult to get projects started, much less completed!  

For readers like me, I want to gently suggest that if you have not made an attempt at starting those projects yet, then perhaps those projects should be put aside.

It may be drastic to put them aside entirely, but perhaps you should reconsider how and what you want to take on? If that project has not filtered up to the top of your priority list, is it really that important? Personally, I find that reconnecting with old and new friends each day and indulging in an extra hour of sleep each night feeds my soul during these troubling times much more than clearing my computer or purging old photos.

So let me know what your “pandemic projects” have (or haven’t) been! Stay healthy and STAY HOME!