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Tip Tuesday – “PACK” to Move

PACK to Move Image

Moving and decluttering strategies are hot topics of conversation in my FB Group! The shift to remote work, a more urgent desire to live near family, or a greater need to save money by relocating to a less expensive area are ALL factors that have inspired people to pack up and go!

I suggest following the “PACK to Move” process to help ease your transition. Take the following steps in advance to assure that your new home will support you and be a clutter-free and peaceful place!

P = PREPARE – Buy white plastic bags to be used only for trash, and black 3 mil contractor bags for soft donations. This will make it clear what you want to toss versus what you want to give away. Collect your odd-sized cardboard boxes from deliveries to pack up breakable donations. For bonus points, wrap them in your soft donations!

A = ANTICIPATE – Think about your new home and new lifestyle. Will you need a dedicated office for WFH? Will you want to have a craft or hobby area? Will you have lots of visitors and need a guest room?

Also, find out dimensions and sketch out a floor plan of the rooms. Cut post-it notes to scale to represent your furniture. Move the post-its around on your paper floor plan to see how it will all fit. Chances are there are some pieces that won’t work. If so, then it’s time to… 

C = CURATE – Now it’s time to actually sort and either trash, donate, or pack your things! Start with your largest items, and then progress to the smallest. Decide what furniture will go and which pieces are best to sell or leave behind. Many moves are priced on volume and weight so these early decisions can save you big money in the long term.

Then select which medium-sized things like linens, clothes, and decor will move with you. Finally, choose which of your small things like kitchen items, toiletries, and office items “make the cut” to come along.

Finally, consider items you won’t need to access for a month or two after your move. Your holiday decor, your book collection, and off-season clothes are a great place to really cull your belongings. 

K = KEEP & KNOW – You did it! Now you will KEEP only the things you KNOW you will use and love in your new home. Make your move and enjoy your new space knowing the things that you have kept have been well-selected to bring you joy!

Let me know if these steps helped “simplify you” and your move in my FB Group. And if you know someone who is moving, please share this link with them.

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