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Tip Tuesday – Organizing Other People

Organizing Your Loved Ones Blog Post Image.

Here’s one question I get all the time: “How can I get my partner/spouse/roommate/kids to get organized and stay organized?!” It’s not easy, but I have found that these “EX” words can help:

EXAMPLE – YOU need to get YOUR things organized before you can expect the same from others. It is hypocritical to ask others to tidy up their messes if your things are all over the house. When you edit and maintain your own things, you set a good example that others can follow.

EXAMINE – Look at the situation from a kind and curious standpoint.  What is preventing them from getting organized? Is it time or energy? Is it needing a system or having too many things? Offer your help and brainstorm solutions together. In a recent home we worked in, my client’s 8-year-old daughter suggested that she and her siblings each have a different colored basket that their loose things could go into. Because it was her idea, she and her siblings now use this system consistently!

EXCLUDE – If at all possible, give each person their own space that you can’t see where they CAN be messy. This could be an office, closet, drawer, or even a lidded bin. Allowing them that personal space makes it easier to keep SHARED spaces clean. And if their personal mess is out of your sight, it may not bother you as much.

EXPECTATIONS – Have clear requirements that shared spaces will be maintained daily. Be sure to thank them for their help with tidying (even though it is expected). We all want to be appreciated! For children, reduce the number of toys and rotate them so that they only have a manageable amount to tidy. Not EVERY toy needs to be accessible at all times. Take a photo of what the tidied space looks like so that the expected end result is clear to everyone.