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Tip Tuesday – Organizing Games to Start or Maintain!

Organizing Games to Start or Maintain! Image Tip Tuesday

One of the simplest ways to declutter or maintain your organizing efforts is to GAMIFY the process

One idea is a game I call “Cash Clean” where you HIDE MONEY in the spots where you want to stay organized! Get a bunch of bills (any denomination) and have a family member or friend hide them in your paper piles and around your desk. As you open mail, sort through bills, and tidy your space you will find the money! Then use that cash towards a reward for processing your paper!

The “Cash Clean” can work for closets, kids’ playrooms, bedrooms, sheds, garages…anywhere you have a mess that you are motivated to maintain (if money is a motivator for you)!

Or try the 27 Thing Fling, where you choose 27 things to toss, recycle, or donate for 9 days straight. It is a small time commitment and results in 243 items out of your home!

Or try the classic 30-Day Declutter Challenge where you get rid of one item on the first day, two on the second, three on the third, and so on, all the way up to 30 items on day 30. We are coming up on October so why not start this next month? Top Tip: I suggest you start with large items first and end with smaller items.

When I personally did this 30-day challenge, on Day One I got rid of a recliner that no longer reclined. Mid-month I donated 15 pairs of shoes, and on the 30th day I decluttered jewelry that was outdated, broken, or tarnished. Trust me, even for someone who is super organized, this approach is very doable and you will end up decluttering nearly 500 things in one month! It is super satisfying!

So how will YOU get started or maintain your organizing systems? Do any of these challenges or methods resonate with you? Let me know in my fun FB group “Organizing Solutions for Busy Women”!