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Tip Tuesday – 3 Home Office Essentials

Tip Tuesday - 3 Home Office Essentials Image

Today is “Organize Your Home Office Day”!  This is a perfect time to decide to get your home workspace in shape in order to prepare your taxes, do your spring clean, or just clear your head! 

As an expert in all things paper, I found that these THREE office items made a big difference in my students’ productivity in my recent “The Paper Cleanse” class.  

1 – DESK CHAIR = Having an attractive and comfortable desk chair on wheels is a clear path to productivity. I know so many people who did’nt want to put an ugly, huge black classic office chair in their bedroom, dining room, or wherever they could tuck in a WFH surface.  But getting an attractive, padded chair will make you more comfortable, and the wheels make it easier to get up and move.  From this link, I prefer the bucket-shaped chairs for comfort, as attached arms can sometimes get in the way. 

2 – WASTE PAPER BIN = Choose one that fits under your desk or table, like this one. I can’t tell you how important it is to have a trash bin within arm’s reach of your workspace!  This compact one comes in 22 different colors to match any color scheme.  From this link, I prefer the rectangular bin to the oval-shaped one as it tucks in under a desk better. 

3 – TASK LIGHT = If you are relying on your dining room chandelier or a regular table lamp to illuminate your work surface, it’s time for an inexpensive upgrade!  A sleek task light will focus the work surface so you can SEE to get work done! I know my aging eyes appreciate a bright focused desk light.  And if you like a light that multi-tasks as a pen cup and USB charger, even better! 

So there you have it!  Check YOUR home office or workspace and see if you have these three office essentials in place!  If you want more great tips like this delivered to your email each Tuesday, just sign up below!

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