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NBC4 Appearance

This Tuesday, I am so excited to share my recent television appearance on NBC4 Washington DC.
As part of NBC4’s “Organizing Tip Week,” Susan Hogan, Consumer Investigative Reporter, contacted me to come to her home and transform her pantry!You can watch the clip here!

The big “takeaway tips” and “golden rules” highlighted are:

Take Everything Out – Toss expired foods as you go.

Group Like with Like – For instance, don’t store graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars apart if you always use them together for s’mores.

Consistent Containers – They make things look great and fit into cupboards easily.

Round with Round – Put round canned goods, bottles, jars, and spices on turntables.

Square with Square – Put boxes and bags in bins with corners.

Legible Labels – Finish by giving each container the word/s that everyone understands to keep the system easy to maintain.

Make It Fit – Meaning, don’t be afraid to move around shelves!

It is that simple! Thanks to NBC4 for featuring us! Let us know which tips you’re going to apply to your pantry!

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