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Move-In Perfection: Kitchen and Pantry

Here’s a peek into the “Move-In Perfection” process! We usually start with the kitchen and pantry on Day One; this space is the heart of the home, and people need to eat. Moving companies unpack onto flat surfaces so all of the counters, islands, tables (and sometimes even the floor) are covered with dishes, pots and pans, utensils, food and other kitchen incidentals. We then gather “like with like” to see how much of each group of items we have, and how much space each group will need.

Then it’s time to plan where it all goes! I use sticky notes to mark cabinets and drawers with what I anticipate will go in them. Placement is customized for each client. Their cooking habits, food storage methods, family, and heights are all variables to consider. For example, the consummate chef needs spices stored close to the stove. The family with children needs a space where kids’ snacks can reach healthy snacks on their own.

Using drawer dividers, bins, and turntables (as shown) to group and contain like items makes maintenance easy. Finally, we label everything and put it all away, leaving behind a beautifully functioning space to cook, eat, and enjoy!