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Tip Tuesday – Clutter-Free Gifts for Moms

Clutter-Free Gifts for Moms Image

Mother’s Day is nearly here and truly, ANY day is a good time to honor the mother figure in your life. Here are some clutter-free gift suggestions for your beloved Mom.

– Yes, busy people; give her the gift of your time! Call her weekly so that she can count on hearing your voice. If she lives local to you, take her out for lunch once a month. If she is farther away, plan a visit with her at least once a year.

– Take the time to write her a letter and let her know just what she means to you and how she has inspired and shaped you. Whether it’s on fancy stationery or scribbled on scrap paper, this effort will mean the world to her.

– Storyworth is a great service that asks her a question about her life via email. After a year, Storyworth puts together a personalized hardcover book with all of the answers.

– Give her a journal that prompts her with questions to answer and only takes five minutes a day. Or this five-year journal is my personal favorite!

– Find a local photographer and book a professional family photo shoot. If you’re in the greater DC area, I highly recommend Marion Meakem photography for family sessions!

– Memorialize a favorite family recipe with a custom cutting board that displays it in her handwriting.

– Offer to organize and digitize her photos.

– Find her favorite locally-owned restaurant and give her a gift certificate to treat herself and her friends.

– Get her car expertly detailed or give her coupons for a local car washing service if she takes pride in her ride.

– If she’s like me and doesn’t love to cook, give her a month of meals delivered by a service where all you have to do is microwave!

– Paper flowers never die. Check out this Etsy site or,  for higher-end, go to Unwilted for their Italian crepe paper creations.

– A plant is a long lasting thing that can remind her of you every day. And this simple hydration monitor makes keeping it healthy foolproof.

– Or she may like the gift of a session with a professional make-up artist to update her look!

– Or go one step further and get her a closet/shopping session with a wardrobe stylist. And once she knows what to get, give her a shopping spree and keep clothing out of the landfill by shopping for used clothing at Thred Up.

– Finally, a generous donation in her name to a charity that she supports would be a wonderful gesture that I am sure she would appreciate! And I encourage you to give with INTENTION. Don’t just buy a gift that ends up being clutter. She won’t donate it because you gave it to her. Give her something that you know she will use and enjoy!

Do you have clutter-free gift suggestions of your own? Let me know by replying, and join my vibrant FB community for more useful organizing and lifestyle ideas!

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