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Make Money out of Obsolete Electronics!

I am shocked at how many obsolete electronics I find hidden away in clients’ homes! Often they are in a huge bin, tangled with their cords and cables, and have not been used or looked at for years.

Does this describe your old phones, tablets, laptops, and assorted other items? If so, please gather them ALL up and use some of these resources to make some money out of them! 

  • Staples has “Tech Take Back” and will give you a $5 credit each month for just about ANY old electronics including cables, cords, adapters, camcorders, and other unused devices!
  • Best Buy & Apple & Amazon “Trade Ins” will give you gift cards for future purchases. All make it easy to estimate how much you may get!
  • ItsWorthMore & Decluttr & Gazelle offer actual money, no trade-in needed!  Imagine cold, hard, cash for old electronics that are just languishing in a drawer.

It is worth checking the value of your device at a few of the above resources. An old phone of mine was valued from zero to $15!

So put some money IN your pocket and keep things OUT of the landfill!  Don’t forget to do a simple “factory reset” on your phone or laptop, or just remove or destroy the hard drive.  Let me know how much money you make with YOUR obsolete electronics!