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Tip Tuesday – Laundry Logistics

Laundry Logistics Image. It has laundry related elements line a basket, washer, gloves  etc.

Let’s talk about LAUNDRY logistics! Remember, if your clothes have gone through the washer and dryer they are CLEAN but they are not “done” until they’ve been put away! Here are some tips to get your laundry truly done!

EASY CARE – Buy clothes that can be machine washed and dried. It is much easier and takes less time than handwashing and drip drying.

BUY WHITE TOWELS & SHEETS – They’re easy to wash on hot together and bleach!

COLOR CATCHERS – Use them to absorb any excess dye, and just mix light and dark clothing into one wash. Avoid separating into many small loads and the laundry will get done faster!


Method #1 – ONE LOAD A DAY – best for families of 4 or more.

When the whole family’s clothes are mixed together, delivering them back to multiple closets and dozens of different drawers becomes a logistical nightmare! To avoid this, do each individual’s laundry on different days, so it gets delivered back to just ONE bedroom, saving steps, time, and energy!

Schedule each individual’s day based on your family’s schedule, keeping sports uniform needs in mind. If you have to double up two people on one day, still keep the loads and baskets separated, NO mixing! And remember from age 10 or so, kids CAN and SHOULD learn to do their own laundry!

Method #2 – ONE DAY FOR ALL LOADS – This works best for individuals.

Set a timer to keep the process moving along. I have one client who set up a recliner and laptop in her laundry room so that she can shut the door and binge-watch her favorite shows. The end of each 50-minute episode is her cue to switch out each load and start hanging and folding. Laundry day has become her favorite day of the week!
For drying, reduce wrinkles by hanging as many articles of clothing as possible right out of the washer.
Will these tips on laundry logistics help you get it all done? Let me know in a reply or tell us in my fun FB community!