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Tip Tuesday – KonMari Vs. C.Lee: Storage Products Review

KonMari vs. C.Lee Storage Products Review blog Image

Last week I reviewed the KonMari kitchen collection, and this week I tried out products from KonMari Storage from TCS. If you are in my Facebook Group you can see a “Live” of me in MY kitchen showing the products! Here is a summary of the products I reviewed and my scores for them out of ten:

First are the Hikadashi Brown Bamboo Drawer inserts, priced at 6 for $39.99. They are lovely BUT they are only sold as a set. What are the chances these will fit exactly right in YOUR drawer? 6/10.

Then there are the Hikadashi Small Organizer Boxes (7 nice cardboard boxes with lids). Again, Marie means for these to be used as drawer organizers, but since the lids and the tops are different heights they would drive me insane! 3/10.

Instead, just use my favorite: the versatile TCS Everything Dividers for ANY drawer that needs 2-inch high dividers. You can buy them individually for a “custom” fit! 10/10.

Kondo sells this 3-Section Grid Pen Organizer for $19.99. The grid design causes the pens to poke right out through the holes, and the sections are too small for post-its! Use ANY other pen cup or mug! 0/10.

I actually ADORE this large Shoji Bamboo Bin. It is roomy and gorgeous, and the canvas lining is coated on the inside so it can be wiped clean. At $49.99 it is not cheap, but it will look really sleek on a shelf. 10/10!

The Medium and Small versions of the Shoji Bamboo bin do NOT have liners available, so everything inside them is visible. They are billed as “pantry” bins but at $34.99 and $29.99, they are too pricey IMHO. 3/10.  

Depending on the depth of your pantry, I love the Large Stacking Plastic Clear Bin instead. It is only $6, fits in over-counter cabinets, and wipes clean! 9/10.

I DO like Marie’s line of Ori Curved Rattan Bins in Honey and Kocha Brown. They are very reminiscent of the TCS Rattan Bins and are similar in size. The Kondo ones are about $10 more for each bin, but if the shape and color are right for YOU, then they are worth the expense. 8/10. 

So there you have it! If you have seen the collection, I would LOVE to know YOUR opinion!

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