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Tip Tuesday – KonMari Vs. C.Lee: Kitchen Products Review

KonMari Vs. C.Lee: Kitchen Products Review Image by Simplify You

Have you seen the new KonMari Collection from The Container Store? It includes 114 products for your office, kitchen, closets, and kids. If you are in my fun Facebook Group you can see me in MY kitchen reviewing the products, so go join! If Facebook isn’t for you, here’s a summary of a few kitchen items and my scores for them out of ten:

The KonMari collection features brown bamboo drawer inserts for organizing cutlery, knives, spices, and utensils, priced from $30 to $50. The dividers can be removed to make larger compartments, but unless your drawers are EXACTLY 22’’ or 13” wide, these won’t fit in them! 6/10.

I would prefer you use TCS Everything Dividers for cutlery and Deep Drawer Organizers for utensils. They are clear plastic and are much more versatile for storing things flat in your drawers. You can also keep plastic clean more easily than bamboo. 10/10.

Kondo sells a small Ceramic Berry Colander for $13 and a Ceramic & Bamboo Egg Bin for $30. These super-specific products are too heavy to be useful, nor can they be stacked. The egg bin weighs 4 lbs. 8 oz. with a dozen eggs vs. the cardboard the eggs come in, which weighs 1 lb. 12 oz. 4/10.

I suggest you don’t waste time or money decanting eggs and berries. Just use the packaging they normally come in for FREE! 10/10.

Kondo has a range of elegant round ceramic canisters, priced from $13 to $27 in clear glass, cloud white, and ink black colors. IF you are leaving canisters OUT on your counters, I give these a full 10/10! They are gorgeous. But if you are using these for dry good storage, I suggest you don’t. The largest one only holds 3 lbs. of dry goods and weighs nearly 3 lbs. on its own. 5/10.

Instead, I recommend my favorites: the Oxo 6” Square POP CanisterOxo 9” Square POP Canister, and/or Oxo 13” Square POP Canister. At only just over a pound each, they hold a lot more dry goods, keep things truly airtight, and save space. 10/10.

Lastly for this week’s review are Kondo’s Ceramic Fridge Bins priced from $10 to $17 (with lids available, from $6 to $10). The large bin alone weighs a whopping 4 lbs. 8 oz. EMPTY and 5 lbs. 10 oz. with the lid on! That is before you put any produce in it! If you are a weightlifter you may like this product, but I give them a 2/10.

For fridge storage situations I think it is much better to use a clear, easy-to-clean, lightweight Fridge Bin by Idesign. 8/10.

In summary, the KonMari kitchen products are lovely, but they are very specific in measurements and not very versatile. The ceramic bins are MUCH too heavy to be used and moved around easily. They would be better used as planters! Next week, I will look at the KonMari STORAGE product collection.

Finally, a SAVE the DATE: From 1-3pm EST on Saturday, February 13th I will be hosting a special “Galentines” organizing Zoom event. More information to come via email later this week!

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