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Tip Tuesday – 5 Kitchen Categories to Consider

5 Kitchen Categories to Consider

Spring cleaning season comes soon. These relate to kitchen tasks, which I use to consider when storing items for easy access.  Creating clear zones can be especially important in a larger kitchen so that you don’t have to walk a mile to make a meal! In the kitchen, you should apply these five unique zones, PREP, COOK, SERVE, STORE, and CLEAN

PREP: The things you use to prepare your meals. Cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls, and measuring cups belong in this category. They should be easy to access and, ideally located by the counter that you usually use for chopping and mixing.  It’s important that this area is well lit. A coffee or tea station would also fall in this “prep” group.

Prep appliances like your food processor, blender, and stand mixer can also be included, but if they are seldom used you should tuck them away.

COOK: This category encompasses all your pots and pans, utensils, pot holders, and colanders. It also includes spices, vinegar, and oils that you use for cooking. Ideally, these items will all be within arm’s reach of your stove or cooktop. Think about your dominant hand, and try to put utensils to your right or left accordingly.

SERVE: All of your plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs, glassware, stemware, and trays come under this category. Be realistic about what you keep close to hand. If space is tight, perhaps only 8 of your set of 16 glasses need to be accessible?  And a selection of your favorite mugs is best by your coffee maker.

STORE: This category includes foil, wrap, plastic or reusable bags, food storage containers, as well as their lids. When space allows, it is best to store these containers with the lids ON to save you from the frustration of trying to find a match.

CLEAN:  This group is usually stored under the sink and near the trash bin, and it includes hand towels, soaps, cleaning liquids, rags, paper towels, rubber gloves, and trash bags.

I find it super helpful to group things and store them according to these categories in any kitchen, big or small. Let me know if this helps you to rethink where to store your items while you do your spring cleaning!