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Tip Tuesday – The Keys to Hanger Happiness

4 keys to hanger happiness image

In my “Supplies for Success” Bonus that comes with the “4-Step Closet Clarity Compendium” (on sale NOW, hint hint!) I mention six hanger rules to live by. In my FB Group we did an informal poll on members’ favorite types of hangers listed below.

I think it is KEY to invest in consistent hangers in your closet spaces. Trust me, it is a small expense for a lifetime of wonderful uniformity in your closet! Listed in order of popularity are:

My favorite AVERAGE size hangers are these black velvet ones, with 37K five star reviews! The chrome swivel hook makes turning the hanger at the start of the season (to put it on your garment rail backward) so much easier!

But if you are petite with a smaller shoulder, an average size hanger could cause the dreaded “shoulder bump” in your clothing. In that case, I’d recommend PETITE size hangers like these

Top Tip = Always choose black hangers with chrome hooks as they will be easy to replace. Fashion colors are hard to match and fade after time.

I really like the quality of TCS Tubular Plastic Hangers which you can buy in a pack of 12 or in a case of 72. Again, it’s best to choose black or white hangers as the other colors may change or be discontinued.

When purchasing wood hangers I prefer ones that are FLAT versus ones that are shaped. With flat hangers, you can fit more in and don’t have to struggle with opposing curved shapes. These wood ones come in black, white, natural, cherry, and vintage colors to match any decor!  I prefer wood hangers for coat closets as they are the sturdiest as long as they come with the bottom crossbar.

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