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June 25th is Half-Christmas! 5 Ways to Celebrate!

Believe it or not, June 25th isn’t just another summer day!  It’s also Half-Christmas, also known as “Leon Day” (LEON is NOEL backward) a fun and quirky way to mark the halfway point to the holiday season.  While the snow might not be falling and carols might not be playing, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Christmas in June!

1.     Plan Your Perfect Holiday: 

Six months might seem like a long time, but Half-Christmas is the ideal opportunity to start planning your ideal holiday season.  Do you want to host a tea party for friends?  Or do you dream of a festive getaway to a winter wonderland?  Use this time to send a “save the date” email, research travel options, brainstorm gift ideas, and create a realistic budget, The earlier you plan, the less holiday stress you’ll face in December!

2.    Get a Jump on Greetings: 

If sending cards brings you joy, why not jump ahead of the curve and order your holiday stamps online during Half-Christmas?  You can find a variety of fun and festive designs that will add a touch of cheer to your holiday mail.  Plus, by getting your “Forever” stamps early, you’ll avoid the last-minute scramble closer to the holidays.

3.    Reflect and Refine: 

Half-Christmas is a great time to reflect on your past holiday traditions.  Think about what aspects of the season bring you the most joy – the annual cookie baking marathon, the festive carol sing-along, seeing The Nutcracker or the charity drive you participate in.  Use this time to list your favorite traditions and drop the activities that seem like chores.

4.   Cut the Christmas Card: 

Speaking of which, perhaps you’ve always sent out traditional paper Christmas cards, but don’t enjoy it anymore.  Just stop! This year, send your greeting on Valentine’s Day instead, or consider sending out digital greetings with photos or even embedded videos.  It’s a great way to save money on paper and postage, while still spreading holiday cheer.

5.    Change Gift Giving Expectations

Perhaps you are all out of ideas of what to give?  Instead, suggest that your extended family enjoys a special outing together instead of exchanging gifts?  Or that only kids under 10 get gifts. Or do “Secret Santa” and only purchase one gift for your crowd of friends. Making the suggestion NOW gives everyone time to get used to a new idea.

6.   Budget NOW for Spending Later: 

Do you get caught up in the season and overspend? Don’t forget to make room in your budget – not just for gifts but for special food, events, travel, donations, and more. If you plan now and earmark a bit each month you won’t get caught out with huge bills in January.

7.    Add in Something New: 

Half-Christmas is also a fun opportunity to plan a new holiday tradition.  Maybe it’s sending letters to the troops, or creating an advent calendar filled with self-care activities instead of candy.  Think about what would fill you with joy and do it!

So, there you have it!  Even though December might seem far away, June 25th offers a unique opportunity to celebrate Half-Christmas and get a head start on planning a joyful and stress-free holiday season.  So grab a summer drink, crank up some carols (if you dare!), and start planning.