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How to save $1000 a year!

Do you keep things in an off-site storage location? The average cost of those is $90 per month, or $1080 a year!

Recently, in my FB group, a kind member encouraged us all to clear them out NOW. She realized that she had spent nearly $24,000 over 18 years of storage, the cost of a new car or an amazing family vacation twice over!  Even more, once she went through it all, she found very little that she did not decide to toss or donate.  What a powerful lesson to share!

If you have been storing anything for more than a year, I’d like to encourage you to EMPTY your storage space and save $1000!


·       Think beforehand about which items are so precious to you that you REALLY want to bring them home and keep them.

·       Make sure you have cleared an assigned space at home in advance for these items – especially large furniture pieces.

·       Find or hire a helper (or three) to assist you on the day. There will be a lot of lifting and shifting!

·       Choose a temperate, clear day if you plan on sorting outdoors, or if your unit is not climate controlled.

·       Will it be easier to hire a junk hauler to take things for donation and trash after you have sorted and decided on the items?


·       Check the hours of the storage facility and for any elevator or stairwell access.

·       Does the storage facility have a bathroom?  If not, where would you have to go?

·       Check out the parking situation. How far is it to take items from your unit back to your car?

·       Locate a charity nearby that accepts donations and know their hours so that you can take things directly there.

·       Plan where you’ll haul your trash. Dumpsters are normally not available.

·       If you can’t clear the space entirely, check on the availability of a smaller (cheaper) unit so you can “downsize”.

·       Know what the security situation is. Don’t sort your things alone at the site.


Clear Packing TapeBox Cutter
Clean Cardboard BoxesMagic Marker
Trash BagsContractor Bags
Box CutterSnacks & Water
Work GlovesDust Cloths/Rags
Step Stool/LadderFolding Table to Sort On
Headlamp (for hands-free light)Pop Up Canopy (if sorting outside)
Space Heater or FanSmall Tool Kit

This IS hard work, but you’ll be so pleased that you

·       Cleared the space at last!

·       Can SAVE the money that you are no longer spending on a storage unit!

·       Can USE and enjoy the items you are keeping!

·       Can benefit others with the items you are donating!

·       No longer have that huge chore nagging at you!

If you clear your space, please celebrate your success with us in my FB group!  You can do it!