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Only 20 minutes to fill in your Advance Directive

Two years ago I had the fright of my life.  While visiting my older sister in Florida, I went to wake her up for an early doctor’s appointment. She was totally incoherent and seemed paralyzed so I called 911. When the paramedics arrived, their first question was “Does she have an advance directive?” Sadly, I did not…

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How to save MONEY and the PLANET!

Every third Saturday in April is Earth Day. It’s a great reminder that even small actions can make a big difference for our planet 🌍. I was thrilled when I came across something really cool during my research on recycling – there’s a place with over 1,000 locations across the US that will reward you for…

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How Long Should You Keep Tax Papers?

Hooray, you’ve filed your taxes and now you’re wondering what to do with all those supporting documents you gathered?  Well, the good news is that you don’t need to hold onto them forever. In fact, you only need to keep tax papers for a certain amount of time in case of an audit or mistake.…

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2 Shopping Tips to Save Money & Time!

Are you already feeling a bit overwhelmed with the holidays barreling down? Do you want to simplify your holiday shopping and make some extra money in the process? Tip One: Create a RETAIL EMAIL! This is an email address you create and use exclusively for ANY online or in-store shopping! Make it something EASY for you to…

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How to Cull & Curate Your Book Collection

Are you a bit overwhelmed by an excess of books in your home?  Are you downsizing or moving, and dreading the expense of taking them all with you? Don’t know where to start in the decision-making process? Today is your lucky day. I propose two main questions, and a few sub-questions, to help you edit…

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prescription drugs

Pitch Prescription Drugs Properly!

Do unneeded or expired prescription medications clutter up your bathroom cabinets and bedside drawers? I see this in almost EVERY home that I organize. You are not alone! Many people just don’t know how to safely dispose of prescription medications. Hint: Flushing is never recommended!  THIS Saturday, October 29th, 2022, is National Prescription Drug Take Back…

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Make Money out of Obsolete Electronics!

I am shocked at how many obsolete electronics I find hidden away in clients’ homes! Often they are in a huge bin, tangled with their cords and cables, and have not been used or looked at for years. Does this describe your old phones, tablets, laptops, and assorted other items? If so, please gather them…

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Want to save your sanity (& some trees!)

If you’re in my FB Group, you’ll have seen me with the chunk of junk mail we got when we were away for just a few days! I was shocked when I did a little more research into statistics about junk mail, and I think you will be too! In 2019 Heal the Planet reported that every year in the USA, 100 billion pieces of…

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DON’T waste your time with FILING!

I recently helped a student find her Vital Documents. She knew her important papers were “hiding” in different piles. Wanting to be efficient, she suggested, “While we look for those, let’s file all the rest away.” She was surprised when I said “NO!”  Finding her important papers was essential. But WHY should she file away her…

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