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Tip Tuesday – Declare Independence

Happy 4th of July! This mid-week day off is set aside to celebrate our nation’s founding. But it’s also a perfect time to step back and think about our possessions, routines, and beliefs. Thomas Jefferson wrote about our inalienable right to pursue happiness, so do right by our founding fathers and think about what the pursuit of happiness…

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Tip Tuesday – Squared Away

One of my favorite organizing mantras is “square in square, round in round!” Keep this in mind when choosing organizing solutions; always consider the SHAPE of the item, and then try to match its container accordingly. For example, I suggest you store all of your square-edged boxes (like pasta) in a square-edged bin in your pantry. This…

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Tip Tuesday – Donate From Your Desk

So you have done your spring cleaning, and have some great stuff to donate, but WHAT NOW? Sometimes that trip across town to Goodwill or Salvation Army is the one hurdle between you and a pile-free living room. But here in the DMV we are so lucky to have Go Green Drop, which comes to Arlington for donation pickup…

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trash can

Tip Tuesday – A Space for Waste

A space for waste…is never a wasted space! I recommend to all of my clients that EVERY room (except for a formal dining or living room) must have some dedicated waste bin! It can be as big as a 50-gallon bin for yard waste, or as small as an empty tissue box in your laundry…

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old photos on carpet

Tip Tuesday – Manage Your Memorabilia

Are you the sentimental type? Do you still have Valentines from elementary school while your own kids are in college? I encourage you to manage your memorabilia according to the following mantras: “Does it bring me happy memories?” Don’t save that breakup letter (text or email either) from the guy that broke your heart. You…

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Suitcase and plane

Tip Tuesday – Tactical Travel

As temperatures climb, and the end-of-school countdown begins, you may be planning a summer getaway. Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, you can benefit from some universal packing strategies: The first simple step you should take is creating a personalized packing list. There are many templates online to choose from to customize to your needs. Be…

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pair of shoes

Tip Tuesday – Heel to Toe

At the Met Gala last night, we saw some gorgeous shoes on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum. Do you want your shoes and your closet looking like the celebrities’? Just follow this simple fashion tip: display them heel to toe! For each pair you own, show one shoe with the heel facing out, and show its match…

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Milk carton

Tip Tuesday – Keep to the Container

You should always let the container determine its contents. For example, a carton of milk holds 8 ounces. Try and fit an ounce more, and it will be full to overflowing. Similarly, you don’t want to fill your home so full that it is overflowing. This concept applies to all the containers in your home, and…

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Tip Tuesday – One In, One Out

One organizing mantra that you’ll find everywhere is “One IN, One OUT,” and I could not agree more with this principle! In fact, I suggest my clients try to do “TWO for ONE,” and discard two items for every one they bring into their homes.  Keeping to this mantra is easy, so long as you…

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