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Trading High Heels for Happiness

The inspiration for this post came from this Washington Post article which you can read about HERE. Remember the days when teetering on high heels felt like owning the catwalk? Me neither. Just like I swore off sky-high shoes for comfy flats on my 50th birthday, I’ve learned to “chuck-it” with some outdated goals too. I decide to…

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One Item To Help Your ‘Holidaze”!

My one-item solution for “holidaze” I love to put up decorations to enjoy for each holiday throughout the year. But, if you’re anything like me, there’s a recurring post-holiday scenario that can turn fun into frustration—the “holidaze” discovery of one or two small items that turn up AFTER the meticulous process of packing away the…

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While we might be tempted to wave goodbye to 2023 with a resounding farewell, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the lessons learned and seeds planted throughout the year. Just like you, I have much to be grateful for, especially after choosing “Bloom” as my guiding word for 2023. “Bloom” resonated with me…

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6 Smart Steps for Stress-free Holiday Storage!

As we wrap up the festive season, it’s time to store our beloved decorations until their return next year. I’ve got some six simple tips that’ll make the whole process a breeze. 1 – First Things First: Set aside advent calendars, Hannukkah décor, and anything you use early in December. I recommend you keep these…

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5 Tips for Happy Unwrapping!

Here are some essential items that you may want to have on hand to make for happy unwrapping on Christmas Morning or at ANY special occasion when many gifts will get unwrapped. 1 – TRASH RECEPTICAL(S): We place this BEHIND our sofa to toss used wrapping paper in as we go. And they come in different patterns…

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It’s the time of year to set up an easy, well-lit wrapping area for your holiday gifts. I LOVE to choose the exact right paper and ribbons! I make a ritual of it with Christmas music, hot cocoa, and all of my supplies easily at hand with these four wrapping game changers: 1 – A…

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Each year, I get requests for ideas for holiday gifts that won’t add to the clutter! Here are my suggestions and also many great ideas coming from my Facebook community. Promise me you won’t spend money on items your loved ones won’t use—esp. useless items like ‘gag’ gifts. Instead, consider these clutter-free gift ideas that can…

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Seasons are changing and so are our closets. If your storage space is limited, you may have to “switch over” to more weather-appropriate clothing. Here are SIX hanger rules to always follow: 1: SIZE MATTERS: Hangers are NOT “one size fits all”! They do come in different WIDTHS. Average hangers are between 17” and 18”…

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5 Tips To Help Manage Shorter Days

As the days grow shorter maintaining motivation around organizing can become challenging. However, with a bit of mindful planning, you can make the most of this season.   Here are five organizational strategies to help you stay productive, motivated, and focused during the darker months. 1 – Brighten Up and Declutter If you feel “stuck…

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