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Tip Tuesday – Squared Away

row of squares

One of my favorite organizing mantras is “square in square, round in round!” Keep this in mind when choosing organizing solutions; always consider the SHAPE of the item, and then try to match its container accordingly.

For example, I suggest you store all of your square-edged boxes (like pasta) in a square-edged bin in your pantry. This rectangular solution also works brilliantly for bags of beans or rice.

But what about round pasta sauce bottles or cans? For these items, a turntable is ideal— “round in round!” Turntables are the perfect containers for your round canned goods, condiment bottles, and spices in pantries or cupboards. With this solution, there is little wasted space and every item is easy to access. Use a turntable under a sink or in a linen closet for round spray bottles and cleaning supplies. Lastly, one of my favorite tips: use a large “lazy susan” to store your liquor bottles in a deep cupboard.

Remember to chant this maxim to yourself, and I hope it helps you get everything squared away!