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Tip Tuesday – Holiday Helpers: 4 Editable Checklists To Keep You Organized!

Holiday Helpers - 4 Editable Checklists To Keep You Organized Image

Apologies for this Tip Tuesday on a Wednesday! High winds caused a power outage so we were delayed by a day.

But I do think these “holiday helpers” will be worth waiting for, as they are the ESSENTIAL documents that I refer to again and AGAIN during December! These lists are editable so you can replace the word Christmas with Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Festivus–whatever YOU celebrate!

HOLIDAY MENUS – This is where we list ALL the things we plan to eat for each of these special meals. I use this as a shopping list to make sure that we have all the delicacies we need, including the “wonderbread” for late-night turkey leftover sandwiches!

HOLIDAY EVENTS – This is where we list the traditions and timings for each day of celebrations. For the December column, I note WHEN to order cards, mail packages, and get tickets for performances. For the Days columns, I list TIMES to keep us on track. This includes reminders to defrost shrimp, take photos, and rest the turkey.

HOLIDAY GIFTS RECEIVED – This is to make sure that we properly thank everyone who generously gifts us during the season. The “send pix” column is because I think it is nice to take photos and PRINT them out to include when mailing actual handwritten Thank You cards!

HOLIDAY GIFTS TO GIVE – This is an active document ALL year long and can work for birthday gifts as well (remember it is editable!). I use it to jot down gift ideas throughout the year. When purchasing, it is especially useful to record the day the gift is ordered if buying online, and then when it arrives. And it’s a place to jot down what you spent, as it is easy to go over buget at this time of year!

I hope the holidays are delightful for you and that these checklists help keep you organized and able to enjoy and celebrate the festivities of the season stress-free!

Please go to to get the checklists!