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Tip Tuesday – Celebration Preparation

The following suggestions are great to implement in just a few days for Christmas, but these supplies and ideas work for ANY gift-giving celebration such as a shower, birthday, or a graduation! Collect these things before the big event and enjoy!

Simplify You Primary Bin

PEN & PAPER (not pictured): For gifts needing acknowledgment, make sure you jot down exactly each gift you got and who gave it to you. Bonus points if you get those thank-you notes out before the New Year!

RECYCLING BAG: We actually place this bag BEHIND our sofa to toss ripped off wrapping paper in as we go, so that no mess is evident as we leisurely unwrap our gifts. A wide-mouthed paper shopping bag is easy to toss in a recycling bin, or use a large trash bag to collect all the scraps.

RIBBON/BOW RECEPTACLE: We save ribbons and bows to reuse year after year, so we gather them all together in one large box. That box is then stored with all of the other Christmas wrapping paper until the next year.

SHARP SCISSORS/BLADE: Keep them close to hand to unpackage those hard-to-open items. I also like the OpenX tool that makes getting into those pesky clamshell packages a breeze.

And, most importantly…
PLAID PRIMARY BIN: This bin is where cash, checks, gift cards, and small expensive items (think electronics and jewelry) go the MOMENT they are unwrapped. This easy action prevents things from going missing in the wrapping paper remains, and from being tossed out mistakenly.

Let me know if you have any other essential items or ideas to make a holiday celebration go smoothly! And join us in the FB Group Organizing Solutions for Busy Women for more tips in the New Year.