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Tip Tuesday – Holiday Pantry Prep!

Did you over purchase due to the pandemic?  Are you opening your pantry and wondering how you will manage?  Do YOU have six jars of partially used cinnamon on your shelves like a client of mine?

Spices Holiday Pantry prep

Don’t be overwhelmed!  Try some of the suggestions and products below to get your pantry whipped into shape before the holidays!


I love to use a turntable to contain spices, condiments, and canned goods.  If the item is round, a turntable is your solution for storage!

This 10″ turntable fits well in an over-the-counter cabinet and allows you to spin your oils and vinegar around to reach everything easily. This 16” turntable fits great in a pantry corner as you see below! 


On a 16” long shelf, I suggest you store all of your square-edged boxes (like pasta) in a sturdy clear square-edged bin your pantry. 

The “Large Stacking Plastic Bin Clear” also works brilliantly in a shallow 11” over-the-counter cabinet for bags of beans or rice and all of those boxes of tea, too.

For a 14” depth pantry, I like these Connecting Book Bins for kid’s snacks and packets as you can see on the bottom shelf here.


I cannot tell you how often people store heavy appliances up high and light items like paper towels and plastic bags low. Reverse that! Store your lightweight paper items up high.  And put the crockpot, cast iron skillet, and heavy pallets of soda and water down low!


Since almost everything in your pantry will be contained in a bin or on a turntable lining the shelves is unnecessary.  It is easier to just wipe down shelves alone, instead of both the liner and shelf! Beware: pantry moths often love to lay their eggs under liners. Don’t give them a home; lose the liner!  The only “liner” I LOVE is called
“Spice Liner”
and it is ideal to put in a drawer to lay your round spices on! 


Finally, don’t overbuy! You don’t save yourself ANY money if those groceries you buy in bulk expire before you can use them. Also, consider the “cost” of storing them in your pantry. Instead of wishing for a bigger pantry, perhaps just keep less things on hand?

I hope these five principles help you perfect YOUR pantry! If you want to hear me talk more about this, then check out this video in my FB Group (you can join below) where I chat about these solutions and more! 

I only recommend products I would use myself. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you use a link to buy something, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. Thanks!