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Tip Tuesday – Heel to Toe

pair of shoes

At the Met Gala last night, we saw some gorgeous shoes on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum.

Do you want your shoes and your closet looking like the celebrities’? Just follow this simple fashion tip: display them heel to toe!

For each pair you own, show one shoe with the heel facing out, and show its match with the toe facing out. This method is especially attractive for storing heels, or shoes with details on both sides.

Seeing the sole and splendid embellishments of every shoe, you can “shop” your closet by heel height or toe detail to choose the perfect pair.

Using this fashionable system, you can fit more pairs of shoes on a shelf too! Another quick tip: an “average” pair of shoes takes up nine inches of width, so its better to choose a 36″ wide shelf than a 24″ wide one.

For shoe storage, I also recommend shelves where you can adjust their height. Flats take up only two to three inches of space, whereas some heels or wedges can take up to eight inches of height!

Let us know how many shoes YOU own and how you store them in the comments.